A sad day

Dear Katja,

Today was a hard day. We had to euthanize Nyx, our dog. She was seven years old and had canine dementia, which means that her brain was very sick. She forgot who we were and was afraid of everything sometimes.

When we talked to you about what was going to happen, you said, “But I don’t want Nyx to be sick. She’s my best friend.” I almost started crying because it’s true.

She has loved you from the moment she met you. Whenever you were asleep as a baby, she was right next to your crib or wherever you were asleep.

2012-04-10 20.11.58

If we handed you to someone else, Nyx would sniff at them and then sit very close so she could keep an eye on you. We had to convince her not to lick you too much or you would have been covered in dog slime! Once you got big enough to walk, she followed you around and tried to play with you. She figured out pretty quickly that you gave her treats and you’d drop food on the floor just for her when you were in your high chair. You thought that was the funniest thing.

Once you got big enough to play pretend, you started making her food. She always accepted it carefully. You read her books, talked to her, you were learning how to train her, and the two of you adored each other.

I’m so sorry it wasn’t something we could make better so you could have your best friend here for longer. We will all miss her very much.


She was dearly loved and the sweetest dog I have ever met. We were lucky that she was with us for so long and I’m very glad that your first experience with a dog was with Nyx.

Your Mama

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