Three years old

Dear Katja,

You’re three years old today!

You’re an amazing little person. You talk a lot and ask about new words. You run everywhere you can. You dance to any music and love to sing, generally at top volume. You love the movie Frozen (who doesn’t, at your age?) and, when you sing “Let it Go”, you can’t ever sit through it because you have to stand up and dance, do the pushing-back-your-hair bit, and slam the door at the very end. You might be a little bit like your Aunts Tanya and Elinor – they both have at least a touch of drama, too! You like making food for people, though mostly it’s pretend food at this point, but you enjoy it even more when you get to actually help cook. You’ve started rock climbing a couple of days a week and you’re taking to it very quickly. The first few times we went, I held you up a lot. Last time you figured something out, got confident, or something. You swarmed up a wall without my help and got up higher than my head. I was completely amazed.

I think that describes much of the past year. I’m constantly impressed at how hard you work to learn new skills, try new things, and at how much you love life.

I love how gentle you can be with the animals. You spend time with Nyx, leaning against her, reading to her, and making her pretend food. You are also getting much better at sitting next to Loki and petting her rather than giving her a full body tackle. You are starting to notice when the animals don’t like what you are doing and you think about why they don’t like it.

You enjoy books. You like being read to and you pretend to read books, too. You have a lot of books, but I can’t say that’s going to change. Both your Papa and I love to read, too!

About two months ago, we moved to another state. You’ve been adapting to a new house, a new preschool, and a very different place and schedule. You’re doing very well at it, even though it has sometimes been difficult. You are making friends at school. You seem to like our new place, especially since we get to sit outside to eat. You can watch the world go by and talk to everyone you see. You are still extremely outgoing and like talking to pretty much anyone who crosses your path. I think that has helped you adapt because you seem to see everyone as a potential friend.

You and I are starting to explore our new home. We park somewhere and go wandering, look into interesting stores, and talk about everything we see. Last weekend we climbed up five stories of a staircase that went around and around the inside of a building. Up and up and up…when we got to the top, we looked down where we started, at the fountain you’d been looking at from down there, and you wanted to lean over farther to see better. You are fearless, which is both quite wonderful and rather terrifying from my perspective. I don’t want you hurt, ever, but I want you to feel like you can take risks and try things, even if they scare me. I will do the best I can to keep you safe without limiting that fearlessness or your opportunities too much.

I hope, my very dear little one, that you enjoy the next year and continue living with your whole heart and loving who you are and what you do. I love watching you grow and learn and I am ridiculously proud of the person you are becoming.

Your Mama

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