A letter

Dear Katja,

You’re going to be turning two next month. You’re getting big and strong, smart and funny. I wanted to write down some of the things that make you so unquestionably yourself right now because you are an amazing little person.

You learned how to jump a few months ago and you’ve gotten quite good at it. You like watching ballet and trying to be a ballerina mostly because they get to jump a lot. You sing almost constantly, sometimes making up words. You make up words to rhymes, too. This, for instance: “Mama called the doctor and the doctor said, no more monkeys yucky poop!” We laugh every time. You run a lot; it seems like you just can’t wait for the next thing that’s coming. You have to meet it at top speed. You’ve been in daycare with older kids for a while now, and I think you spend a lot of time trying to keep up.

You are still very cheerful much of the time. You’ve developed a bit of a temper when you are frustrated, but you control it reasonably well, mostly because throwing fits doesn’t get you much response around here.

You still eat lots of different foods. Most recently you have decided that sriracha is the best thing ever. If we put sriracha on anything, you’ll eat it. You mostly like spicy foods. You like a chocolate chip once in a while, but sweet foods are generally not your favorites. You love broccoli and carrots. You’re pretty fond of fruit and nuts, too. You like soup, though you make a huge mess whenever soup is involved!

I’ve been on crutches for a while, so Grandma Ginger came to help. You still ask for her whenever you come home and you were very happy to be able to see her on Skype this morning. Grandma Amy came for a few days and will be back again tomorrow; you are quite happy to see her, too. Aunt Elinor came through briefly, too, as did Uncle Ben. You are lucky to have so much loving family. They all adore you and the feeling is mutual.

You like picking out your clothes. Your favorite shirt is one from Aunt Elinor from her school. You like your dinosaur shirts, though, too, and your colorful dresses. It will be interesting to see where your fashion sense takes you as you get bigger.

You like looking at everything, touching everything, and putting way too many things in your mouth. When someone says “Phalanges!” you wiggle your fingers at them. It’s incredibly easy to make you laugh. You’re getting better at being gentle with Nyx and with other kids. You love the cat and snuggle her whenever you see her. You tell Nyx to move now instead of being nervous when she’s in your way, and she moves out of the way just as she would with anyone else even though she’s still at least four times bigger than you are. You are mostly fearless still, too. You like playing with Duplos and reading books. Sometimes you like chewing on books, too, but we’re working on that.

You’re a complex, interesting, funny, growing person. I love getting to watch you change and become more yourself!

Your Mama

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