17 months (and a few days)

Dear Katja,

You are a pretty amazing little person. I like you!

Your sense of humor is still in full force. You love meeting people and trying new things. You’re going down slides by yourself, climbing on everything, trying to walk the dog, helping put things away, helping in the kitchen, and unloading all of the drawers and shelves you have access to. It’s a lot of fun right now. Oh, and anytime we open the refrigerator you try to run off with the mustard, laughing until we catch up with you.

You are very talkative and sometimes you are saying words. You’ve learned some sign language, which helps a little when you get frustrated at not being able to communicate. You sing to yourself sometimes in the car, which I like listening to.

You got new shoes last weekend, your first pair of Converse. You seem to like them. Your old shoes were getting a bit tight. Have I mentioned how fast you are growing? You must have just had a growth spurt because all of your shirts suddenly got too short!

You are very snuggly right now. In the morning you like curling up on my lap until you are ready to face the day. You are very good at giving hugs. You also sometimes lick people, which I’m not sure I understand unless you are learning the “kisses!” command when we tell Nyx to give you kisses.

You still love music. We went out last night to see a friend play in his band, Slow Djinn Fez, and you danced almost the whole time even though you were up way past your bedtime. You got angry when you couldn’t go play the instruments, though!

Oh, you’ve learned how to settle down fast at bedtime. That’s much nicer for everyone involved. Last night you even pushed me away so you could go to sleep, which made me happy – you wanted to settle down on your own! That’s an improvement from a few months ago.

I find myself fascinated as I watch you try things and work out how to make something happen. You are a smart little person and quite creative in your approach to problem-solving. The first time you climbed up on the fireplace, you got there by stacking up stuffed animals to provide a step.

I love you, Katja. You are a source of great joy and I am looking forward to getting to know the person you are becoming.

Your Mama

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