Getting bigger

Dear Katja,

You will be 15 months old later this month. You’re becoming a fascinating little person. I love that your likes and dislikes are coming more to the surface and you are deciding what works and what doesn’t for you.

You still will eat almost anything. You love french fries, though you don’t get them very often. You like somewhat spicy food but not extremely spicy food. You like pretty much every vegetable including things that I’ve seen other kids refuse, which is a good thing in this house. You do have a slightly irritating habit of throwing food off of your tray when you are done. Nyx, of course, really appreciates that, but the rest of us aren’t quite as amused.

You walk everywhere and are trying to run. You think the world is a pretty funny place. You adore music and your dancing keeps getting better. I hope you always love music with such abandon. When you hear a piece of music that you like, you laugh and start waving your arms, then you start dancing. You say a few words, but you started saying another today. When you want to sing “Row, row, row your boat” you grab both of my hands and pull and say “Row row row!” It’s quite wonderful.

You have learned how to hug. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. You wrap your arms tightly around my neck, squeeze, and smile. I know you smile because I’ve seen it when you hug your Papa.

You and your Papa chase each other a lot. It’s one of your favorite games. It gets Nyx very excited, too, so all three of you run up and down the hallway making a lot of noise. That always makes me laugh.

You have developed a bit of a temper. You lie on the floor and yell. We mostly ignore the tantrums, since we don’t want to encourage you. It is interesting to watch you develop all aspects of your personality.

I love you, little one. You make me smile every day.

With much love,
Your Mama

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