Lots of new skills

Dear Katja,

In the past few weeks you have been doing all kinds of neat things. You started crawling last week. You started out fast and you keep getting faster. You are pulling yourself up to a standing position on anything that holds still long enough. You are even trying to pull up on other things, like the rocking chair and its footstool, but you don’t fuss much when you land on your butt. Sometimes you think it’s funny; sometimes you just go about your business. If you are really tired, you will wail, but you are generally courageous and curious. I’m sure there will be times that the combination of those two things will terrify me, but for the moment it’s just amazing to watch you figure things out.

You got a big box of Duplos from your honorary uncles. You really enjoy the colors, shapes, and, apparently, how they taste. You haven’t figured out how to put them together yet, but you are getting really good at pulling apart anything your Papa or I have created! You think it’s very funny to pull things apart.

You really want to walk. You get to walk on my feet sometimes, which makes you laugh and shriek. You try to take steps while you are standing up, but you haven’t quite got the balance yet to make it work. I’m sure that’s coming soon.

You like mashed potatoes, yogurt, apples, pears, and all kinds of other food. You aren’t big on spicy foods yet, but you are game to try anything on our plates. Your “Ick!” face is hilarious. Oh, and you like pickles, too. You’ll happily work on one of those for quite a while. Your favorite food so far seems to be bread.

You babble almost constantly. You think you are saying something, I think, because you’ll babble for a while and then look at us like we are supposed to answer. You also like showing us things; tonight you grabbed one of your spit up cloths and waved it at me, and when I made eye contact and smiled, you got very excited.

We read to you every night before bed now, and you seem to be enjoying that. We’re not working on long books yet, but you are getting exposed to the children’s books we loved and a few others that people have given us. I hope you will enjoy books as much as we do as you get older.

You are still an amazingly cheerful little person. You seem to like almost everyone. You laugh easily and don’t cry much, and when you do there are only a few reasons – tired, hungry, or you need a new diaper. You get frustrated once in a while, but that causes yelling, not crying, which for you are quite distinct.

I’m really enjoying watching you figure things out. You are such a fascinating person to be around!

Your Mama

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