Trying to keep up

Dear Katja,

You are learning so fast these days that I feel almost breathless. You try hard to keep up with the other children at daycare. The youngest is two, so you have a lot of catching up to do!

You are sitting up solidly now. You sometimes overbalance, like tonight while you were playing with a toy and lifted it up very high, but for the most part you sit well. You haven’t figured out how to get from lying down to sitting up, but you work on it every day.

We came to pick you up from daycare one evening and you were sitting with all of the other kids, pushing around a toy bus, doing what they were. You looked very content and you were concentrating very hard.

You have two teeth and you like trying new foods. So far your favorites are bread, cheese, and cooked broccoli and carrots. You don’t like food that is very cold or very sweet, and your ick face makes me laugh.

You aren’t crawling yet, but you scoot around a lot. If you have a toy you like, you figure out how to bring it along. You are quite clever!

You and Loki, the cat, get along well. You like grabbing her. We’re working on “gentle” but you’re not quite there yet. She’ll come to you and nudge you, and if you fall asleep on the couch she often ends up curled up by your feet.

You get very excited when you see Nyx. She likes you a lot, too – she gets lots of treats when you are around!

I love your smiles. I love seeing you meet new people and charm them; you are very outgoing. I love listening to you babble in the mornings. You are ticklish in funny places; we found out yesterday that your back is ticklish! You like baseball games (lots of people!) and fireworks. You try to figure things out, which is very neat. You like playing in the water at swimming lessons. You laugh when you are surprised and you love music.

You are a little over 8 months old and you are a fascinating little person. We are very lucky that you are in our family.

Your Mama

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