Another note

Dear Katja,

It seems like you are learning something new every day. I’m having a lot of fun watching and helping you figure things out!

Last weekend you were lying on the floor and I held my hands out for you to grab. You reached up and grabbed my thumbs with no hesitation. In the past you’ve always flailed a bit, but now, when you want something, you just reach for it.

People with long hair and dangly jewelry have to be very careful around you these days!

You are enjoying learning about food. It’s very clear when you don’t like something. You make a funny face and then stick your tongue out over and over. You like a lot of foods-cucumber, beef jerky (you snagged that!), bread, various fruits (though not bananas, as you seem frustrated by the squishiness), and cheese. You really like cheese. I’m looking forward to seeing how your tastes develop.

You are sitting up pretty well, though when you get excited you sometimes fling yourself backwards. We’re working on that.

You still drool a lot and blow raspberries a lot, so you are in a bib much of the time. The bib is often damp. We can go through three in an hour if you feel motivated.

You are still an amazingly cheerful person. You laugh and snuggle when you get kisses and hugs. You like people and you are insatiably curious. If you hear a new sound, your head whips around fast! That can sometimes be messy if you have a bottle in your mouth at the moment. You like Nyx and laugh and yell when you see her. You are starting to get along with the cat, Loki, too.

You are a joy. I feel very lucky that you are part of our family.

Your Mama

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