Almost 6 months

Dear Katja,

You have been developing a personality lately. You are one of the happiest babies I have ever known. You like people and you remember them; there are a couple of people who work at the baseball park that you will smile at even before they see you. You like funny noises and laugh easily.

Nyx and Loki fascinate you-you’ll watch them for several minutes before getting bored. You are also learning how to use all aspects of your vocal cords, especially the shrieking ones! You mostly shriek because you are happy, though, so that’s good.

You roll over now. You are trying hard to sit up for more than ten seconds at a time. You love standing up when someone is holding your hands; you are very strong! You are also extremely curious and want to know everything that’s going on around you.

I am really enjoying my time with you!

Your Mama

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