Katja has been doing pretty well lately. She had a cold for a week, so her sleep schedule was rather odd, but she’s back to sleeping through the night. (We do understand how lucky we are that she sleeps so well!) She takes six bottles a day. She doesn’t have diaper rash problems. She did a little when she was very young, but since she switched to cloth diapers she’s been fine.

She goes to daycare, two full and two half days a week. She adores the people at daycare, especially Diana, and she reaches for her when she sees her. The picture yesterday was of Katja with Diana’s daughter Annie; Katja likes her a lot, too.

She’s growing fast. We keep a stack of clothes she’s outgrown and periodically send them off to friends and family who will have new babies soon.

It sometimes surprises me how easily she has fit into our lives. She’s a very active and interested little person, but she’s also laid back. She likes people, new experiences, being outside, watching the animals, and trying to sit up. She’s very strong. She has settled in beautifully and she seems very happy.

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