Road trip!

Dear Katja,

This weekend we are on our first road trip with you. Your Papa’s aunt Robbin and uncle Jos just got married, so we all came to the party. Before that, though, we stayed with your Auntie Jane and you got to meet some of her friends and family, we stayed with your Papa’s cousins Cheyenne and Neha, and you also got to meet my godmother Ginny and her husband Bill as well as several dear friends of mine.

You have been amazing. You have met a lot of new people and you have handled it well. You have slept through a lot of unexpected noises in unfamiliar places. You are eating well and you seem to be enjoying yourself.

I’ll post pictures once we get home again, but I wanted you to know how impressed I am with how well you have done on this rather overwhelming trip.

Your Mama

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