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Uncle Ben!

Dear Katja, You got to meet more family yesterday! My brother Ben came to visit. You seemed very comfortable with him. I really like seeing how you interact with new people, and Ben is great with babies. Love, Your Mama

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Dear Katja, One of the things I enjoy most is watching you figure things out and develop new skills. This week, for the first time, you decided that peek-a-boo was hilarious. We have tried to play it with you quite … Continue reading

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Game night

We often have friends over for dinner and board games. Katja gets passed around, sometimes hanging out on her Papa’s lap, sometimes being amused by someone else. She seems quite happy to watch the game and the people. Sorry for … Continue reading

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Things in Katja’s Hair

Katja has the bestest hair ever. However, because she is often attached to my chest (or Wendryn’s chest), she often gets odd things in her hair. Today, she has kosher salt in her hair. It fell off of the rim … Continue reading

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What counts as a schedule?

I thought Katja’s sleep schedule was becoming stable, but for the past four days she has been sleeping all night and waking up about 5 AM. I don’t know if four days in a row of this actually constitutes a … Continue reading

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Good morning, my dear. We’re spending a lot of time together around 3 AM. I go to sleep early and your Papa stays up for your last feeding. I get up for your very early morning feeding. You and I … Continue reading

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Random Pictures

A few more pictures off of the camera.

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