Yekaterina Elizabeth Vita Henderson

Yekaterina Elizabeth Vita Henderson (Katja) was born October 21, 2011. She had a bit of  a difficult beginning and spent five days in the NICU, but she is quite healthy now. She’s eating, sleeping, and filling up diapers just as babies ought to, and she seems interested in the world whenever she is awake enough to pay attention.

This blog was begun specifically to make sure that Katja’s biological parents can follow along in her development. We will not talk about them much here, as that is not our story to tell, but they will be a part of her life. We are very glad to have met them and gotten to know them over the past few months. Our family and friends will also be allowed into this blog, as they are also interested in this new little person.

We will be blogging about Katja, of course, but also about our family, pets, and whatever else happens to be going on. There will be more pictures as we get around to uploading them.

Without further ado, here is one of my favorite pictures of the newest member of our little family:

Welcome to the new blog!

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