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Her first smiles!

Today Katja smiled, first at Xander this morning, then at me this evening. It’s really nice for me to have some response to our interactions with her. I mean, she stops crying when we hold her, of course, but it’s … Continue reading

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Various pictures

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Here are a few pictures of the first month of Katja’s life. We will be getting more eventually, but some are on other peoples’ cameras. I’m including several of Xander, his mother Amy, and Katja, because I love the facial … Continue reading

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A well wrapped baby

While Katja was in the NICU, the nurses could not keep her wrapped. They would swaddle her tightly and, within five minutes, her arms would be free. We tried to put her into a Miracle Blanket and she got her … Continue reading

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A walk with Nyx

We have a Great Dane named Nyx. She’s a very good and gentle dog, and she has been quite happy to have Katja added to the household. Mostly this is true, I think, because she gets lots of treats, but … Continue reading

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A Note to Katja

Katja, Even at four in the morning, when all I want to do is go back to bed, and all you want to do is rage, you are still the most amazing little creature in the world. Still, it would … Continue reading

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Doctor’s visit

Katja saw her pediatrician for the first time today. She’s 8 pounds, 4 ounces, and 20 inches long. When she was born, she was 7 pounds, 11 ounces, and 18 inches long. The doctor said that they want babies to … Continue reading

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Bath time!

Katja had her first bath tonight. Her umbilical cord came off the day before yesterday, so we figured we’d give her a nice bath. Amazingly enough, she actually enjoyed it. She was completely relaxed in the water, even when I … Continue reading

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Katja’s Birth

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Just a small collection of photos taken in the NICU.

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Yekaterina Elizabeth Vita Henderson

Yekaterina Elizabeth Vita Henderson (Katja) was born October 21, 2011. She had a bit of  a difficult beginning and spent five days in the NICU, but she is quite healthy now. She’s eating, sleeping, and filling up diapers just as … Continue reading

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